Saints' Patron Philip and James festival
The cult...

The cult of Saints Philip and James, in Diso, is lost in time and tracing its history back there is nothing definite that may indicate the beginnings. One, therefore, certainty and certainly not unimportant: for generations, the veneration of the two Apostles grows from year to year as a slow wave of high tide and covered with if the country in which everyone speaks and everything identifies the effigies of these martyrs of the rump. There is no house, niche walls and above the heart of the person, in which not harbour the image of those who over the centuries have defined, almost familiarly "I Santi Nosci".
The liturgical feast of Saints Philip and James, in the past was celebrated on May 1, he was later moved to eleven May and today is celebrated on May 3, but the citizens of Diso, undeterred, continued to celebrate the patron saints on May 1 each year, a fact that in addition to highlighting the pride in the veneration of saints has strengthened the faith and tradition.
Even as early as 1889 when the day of May 1, with a resolution of an international conference, was proclaimed "Labour Day", the citizens of Diso changed their tradition and therefore on May 1 in Diso is essentially the feast of Saints Philip and James.
The festivities in honor of the patron saints, among the most solemn of the whole region, are now rightfully part of history, tradition, art and more generally of the culture of the community of Diso. The cocktail of lights, fireworks, band concerts, creates a twine of lights and colors that help to transform the small town into a big stage, set up by some people here in the Committee, conscious that everything goes the right way and that in addition to attracting the small town of Salento a lot of devoted fans, not only from neighboring countries, but also from outside the region, has become a fixture for many citizens of Diso that despite being out for work and study, trying in every way to be present and demonstrate attachment to their roots and to the Saints.
Although actually it begins the twenty-one of April of each year with the exhibition of statues for worship of the faithful and the beginning of the solemn novena, ending May 3, the date set by the church for the liturgical feast of the two Holy Apostles, the party honor of Saints Philip and James in Diso, has no real beginning and no end well defined, but still rotates continuously from year to year with increasing fervor and devotion. Although occasionally gets up some voices of criticism about the exorbitant costs necessary to its development, we must state that in the absence of any element of distinction, the people of Diso cultivates his devotion to the Saints Philip and James proudly identifying themself with it and trying in every way to make it more interesting and majestic in order to spread the faith to their patron saints.

The committee...

The Committee is one of the greatest Institutions in Diso and it’s difficult for a citizen in its existence doesn’t become a member at least for once. The Committee shall hold office for one year and shall bear the heavy burden of organizing the program of civil and religious celebrations in honor of St. Oronzo, the Madonna of Hurricane and especially of that of the Sts. Apostles Philp and James, protectors of Diso, for which concentrates most of the efforts not only of members of the committee, but the entire community of Diso. It should be stressed that thanks to the healthy antagonism has arisen over the years between the various committees, which in turn have followed in the organization of such holidays, it was possible to create a growing generational change, a phenomenon that, unlike other places, very reassured about the future of these centuries-old traditions.
The committee is formed usually in early October, when, after negotiations often dungeons similar to those carried out for the formation of an electoral roll, the presidential candidate is required to pastor of ringing bells and a simple ceremony, but waiting by the entire population, it leads to the authority in the church and religious expresses the will, on behalf of it and all those consulted during the trust you, to form the new Festival Committee and to organize, in the best way and in observance of religious rules, the solemn celebrations, supported in this task by the Chairman-pastor. Causes great interest in all the villagers the publication of the posters with the list of members of the new committee, and in any place, at any time come alive knots of people through which everyone expresses their opinion, trying to determine if the new-Committee is better than the last, whether it is up to the task and especially if the components are able to be the center of attention for a whole year, patiently enduring the advice, the jokes, the praise, but also the criticisms from all the citizen of Diso that, beyond the names that appear from time to time on various posters, are every year, in like manner, sharers and emotionally involved in the preparations for the various religious holidays.
After the settlement, the committee shall prepare a cost estimate for all cyclical festivals that take place throughout the year, making a budget, at the same time, the manner and timing for the collection of offering necessary to meet the budgeted expenses.
This is how, in addition to families’ voluntary self-taxation rooted and traditional , the collecting of alms on Sunday with cashboxes provided with effigy of the saint to celebrate, the collecting of alms monthly by funds raised by the families of the country, various initiatives such as raffles and not least that of the search for sponsors to be included in various brochures and flyers, all act to increase revenues, so you can put in the program of events, novelties such as to keep the memory for years to come.
In addition to collecting the offering, prepare the program with the hiring of bands, illuminations, fireworks, the celebrations committee is responsible for publishing an annual calendar and a directory on the feast of Saints Philip and James with historical information and news of Diso.