Saint Oronzo Festival
It was 1656, as the story remembers us, when the plague raged throughout the Kingdom of Naples, sparing only the inhabitants of the Salento peninsula. The event was interpreted, at a time when it was triumphant and fundamental religiosity, as a miraculous event in favor of citizen of Salento that without a doubt he attributed the about St. Oronzo. From here we can explain the flourishing in those years many churches, squares, streets or simple altars dedicated to the veneration of the saint, still alive in Salento.
On 26th August each year in Diso the Festival Committee program an entire evening of celebration that begins after the celebration of Holy Mass outdoors near the church of St. Oronzo.
From 9.00 pm onwards they set tables for the traditional festival of orecchiette and maccheroni, with bits of meat, sweet and hot peppers, pirille and different fried. In late evening "si scazzica" (it incites) the fire of "Focara" (bonfire) in the surrounding countryside, once lit to ward off the plague, when sudden fireworks aggregate the stars of heaven, stealing them, for once, the scene.