Madonna of hurricane's festival
For years now, the citizenry of Diso September 10th give honor to the Madonna known as “Madonna of Hurricane”. Like others respectable festivals of Salento the veneration to the Mother of Christ is reconfirmed every years with a full program both religious and civil; so the last novena culminate with the precession and the solemn Mass, while the main streets of the town are decorate with the traditional lights, which are alternated, in the evening of the festival, the most prestigious band concerts of Apulia.
The deeper meaning of this Festival is linked at the terrible hurricane that struck on the extreme edge of Salento Semptember 10th, 1832, striking dramatically Diso and Otranto and others places located on the axis of the two town. 10th September of 1832 Diso was occupied by a devastating whirl of extraordinary power; whirl dark and flaming, which, after desolate campaigns placed in the south-west of Diso, landing walls and rustic houses and removing or sweeping olive grove, came in the residential area and reduced it to a heap of scrap. Not even the frontispiece of the Parish Chruch push back to the violence of the whirl and it last ruined. Except that at the time of the invasion a prayer burst from all hearts and a unanimous cry imploring the help of M. SS. Immaculate sounded on everyone's lips. Among the ruins and wreckage they were found only two deaths; but instead it was the largest number of those who were unearthed healthy and unharmed, and among them quite a few mothers about to give birth that saw saved herselves and the unborn’s lifes. The same storm that desolated Diso cohesive up to Otranto, and it invaded the suburb making 24 corpses; and lucky that the citizen of Otranto that through the intercession of their martyrs, the turbines swerved and the city was saved. (Stasi Arc.) Until a few decades ago, the Feastival of Madonna of Hurricane of September 10th was virtually "managed" by the local Confraternity of the Immaculate and fell in many Marian feasts scheduled by the Brotherhood was not celebrated every year, and the transition from the initial episodic to a fixity annual September 10th, is just the tragic event of the hurricane of 1832, which determined forever the solemn celebrations in honor of the Immaculate Virgin that since then took the title of Madonna of Hurricane.